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08.04.22 07:13 PM By Rafa

By Zeus4 Team

Zoho Creator

Due to the rise of digital workforce, each user, from an IT leader to a line-of-business (LOB) executive needs modern applications designed around their needs.

According to data capture (Saavedra, 2022), in 2019 companies were spending more than $2 trillion (40 % of their technology investment), on digital transformation initiatives. That number may keep increasing in the coming years, as businesses in every sector realize that it would be hard to maintain their market share without the digital side.

Implementation cost is given by the complexity and experience required to fulfill the assigned tasks. In this context, low-code platforms play a crucial role for companies, since less knowledge is needed to accomplish the planned development, in less time, and with greater ease of use.

Zoho Creator is a low-code platform that reduces the 90% of the complexities in the lifecycle of an app development, allowing you to focus on features, business value and the customer, not the code.

Architecture of your dedicated and less complex Its.

Imaging going to a restaurant, and that all the dishes offered are quite expensive and overloaded with food, so you would have to pay a high price for something you may probably not be able to completely eat, or enjoy. This homology applies to ITs in-today’s companies’ management.

Nowadays, applications within this field are even more and more complex, having a lot of elements that may not fit your business or that you will not use; so that you will have a larger package than what you need.

Now, suppose you are in a restaurant where you can plate your dish at your will with a large number of ingredients available, and with a fast and high-quality preparation. Well, this is similar to what Zoho Creator is all about: getting a dedicated implementation with the specific features of your business and taste. Eliminate the superfluous elements and remain only with the necessary features, improving the system’s ease of use and decreasing the price and development time.

Compile any type of data, generate your own data template, and visualize the data structure and relationships. Identify each step and organize all details of your applications in a single place.

Scalability and adaptability

Don’t be afraid of growing, growing is always good, as long as you take the correct management of investments and internal economy in your company, in a safe way. With Zoho Creator, your application is going to grow as your business grows, quickly adapting to your company’s level. You will get an implementation that will progressively adapt to your company’s level, in information management as well as automations, and above all, its strong integrability with other applications.

High integrability and ease of data migration

Whether you already manage a legacy system or want to adopt a new software for your business to fulfill specific tasks, with a package containing all what you need, Zoho Creator provides high integrability with third parties and all the solutions of Zoho One suite. During the development stage, you will have access to the entire Zoho API, and a code imported from open development platforms such as GitHub or another one. In fact, there are more than 500 pre-built third-party connectors in your arsenal, without the need of back-end configurations; something that no other similar platform can match.

You can migrate your current business data from different sources, such as legacy systems and spreadsheets, in a fast and AI-assisted way, as well as make the transition to a modern and connected environment. With the “Smart Import” tool, you can turn a large number of untidy data into a unified, well-formatted database within minutes.

You have the opportunity to enhance your applications with AI to detect languages, analyze trends, forecast sales, recognize emotions, identify objects and much more, without the need of human intervention.

Your data will be protected at rest, in transit or during the backup creation with strong encryption such as AES_CBC/AES_GCM, 256 bits/128 bits keys, and TLS 1.2 protocols.

Widgets and reports already developed and reused.  

With Zoho Creator you have reports modules already implemented and available at your hands, as well as process indicators in the form of graphs, charts, diagrams, percentages, and more elements that allow the study and monitoring of the business and its partners. Each of them is fully customizable. Combine data from different sources to generate cross-functional reports and thus, make a detailed analysis of your business. Keep all the interested parts updated with real-time metrics, alerts and a clear line of vision of your role.

Easy-to-develop automations

Zoho Creator applications can compile data, perform payment transactions, update your CRM, send emails and reports, and do everything else you require, so you and your team can fulfill more tasks and be more productive with less effort.

Progressive web applications 

Get access to the app and its data from any location, because the solutions you develop in Zoho Creator are automatically available as mobile applications.

It contains support for Cloud, SaaS, Web, Mac, Windows, Linux, Android, iPhone and iPad.

Zoho Creator Acknowledgements

All the development functionalities offered by Zoho Creator, position it as one of the best low-level development apps worldwide. Here bellow, we show some of its recognitions:

  • Gartner Magic Quadrant for Low-Code Application Platforms (LCAP 2019)
  • Silver award in the low-code category at Vogel IT-Medien GmbH's Dev-Insider Awards in Germany.
  • Experts Choice, Great User Experience, Supreme Software in Finances Online Awards

We hope this information was helpful for you, and invite you to ask yourself: how do all these pieces fit my business? Can they be useful for me? If so, don’t hesitate to contact us whether for a customized implementation for your business, or for a consultation that would be the best way to make your business grow, and adopt new Business Intelligence technologies.

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