Zoho One as the most complete partner, at the best price for your business

06.04.22 05:08 PM By Rafa

By Zeus4 Team

Zoho One

Several systems are becoming obsolete with the continuous IT development and the searching of business management through internet-linked software for a broad and binding data network. On the other hand, dealing with legacy systems is a constant challenge for many companies, as they are often inflexible, complex, expensive to maintain, and mostly managed by specialists.

In many cases, different business software programs are still used with separate applications for each team or part of the company. Stacks of data are duplicated across platforms without making any sense; and it is also taking too long to train the employees on multiple pieces of software.

It would be convenient to replace the diffusion of applications, legacy tools and paper-based processes with a single operating system for your entire enterprise.

Hosting several awards in business software categories, and having what is said to be the best one in the CRM world, Zoho One is a software that owns more than 45 applications with advanced capacities. It covers a very broad spectrum, from sales management, marketing, accounting, human resources, operations, and much more with integrated and easy-to-use solutions.

Zoho One has a visionary Suite built to boost its growth, to offer advanced solutions that address CEOs needs, and increase Return of Investment (ROI).

What is included in Zoho One?

Zoho One’s integrated applications incorporate free-native and mobile versions for iOS and Android; as well as a variety of extensions and extras that include browser extensions and the Apple Watch, iMessage and Apple TV applications. A selection of apps can also be installed on a Mac or Windows computer.

Sales apps include a multichannel CRM, Motivator for sales performance, commercial intelligence with Reports, ContactManager, and the SalesInbox mail user. Marketing apps comprise SalesIQ for visitors training, Campaigns, Social, Survey and Forms for leads generation. Meanwhile support apps include Desk to prioritize requests and Assist to solve customers’ problems.

Communication tools comprise Mail to enjoy ad-free emails, and Cliq to send informal emails to the team’s members. Users can plan, track, and collaborate in teams with Projects, and manage agile projects with Sprints. Apart from that, Connects offers a private network to debate, while Showtime enables slides decks. Browser meetings can be conducted with Zoho Meeting, and the productivity apps include Writer, Sheet, Show, Docs, Sign, Notebook and Vault.

Besides, financial tools consist of online accounting and invoicing with Books and Invoice, along with Subscriptions and Expense for receipts management, and Inventory for retail or online stores. Zoho People provides tools for human resources and employees management; while Recruit helps to find new talents to join the team. Creator and Reports help organizations to manage their business processes with customized apps and commercial intelligence.

How many Zoho One plans are available?

There are two types explained here bellow:

  • Flexible user pricing.

With this plan, you can purchase as many user licenses as you wish, with no minimum or maximum number to meet. It is not necessary to purchase a license for ALL employees.

  • Pricing for all employees.

In this option, you get a discount of more than half of the original price per user in the plan previously mentioned. For this one, the subscription is annual, and you must purchase licenses for ALL employees of the company.

Hire Zoho One and manage your company much better, starting to see an improvement in the organization of your processes and an increase in ROI, in less than a month.

If you think the large number of apps and features you get with Zoho One are too much because your company is a small one, your business is just starting or simply, there are many superfluous elements for the management strategy you have planned; there are different Zoho plans without having to go directly to Zoho One. In Zeus4, we help you choose a plan that best suits your desires without any cost. Don’t hesitate to contact us through this link contact. We can also customize your management, make an integration and / or create tailored apps if you want. Visit our www.zeus4.com page for more information.